Quick Class Library Documentation

Need to keep track of where your class library books are? Make a Google Form. When the students are checking out books, pull up a Google Form and quickly type in their name, if the book is coming “in” or being checked “out,” and the name of the book. You will be able to view the results in a spreadsheet view. I always organize the spreadsheet by student so you can see what book each student has out.

Click here for Class Library Book Check Out Google Form


YouTube Quick Tip

Most of the time I upload YouTube videos to a Prezi to avoid any advertisements that show up on the right side of the screen and at the end of a video. There is another quick safety trick in case you are using YouTube in the classroom.

1. Go to YouTube

2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to the menu. Look for “Safety.”

3. Change the safety from “Off” to “On.”

Please note-

According to YouTube, “Use YouTube’s Safety Mode if you don’t want to see videos that contain potentially objectionable material on YouTube. While it’s not 100 percent accurate, we use community flagging and other content signals to determine and filter out inappropriate content.”

Always preview any YouTube video before showing it to your class.



Beat the Summer Heat

Is it too hot to spend time outside? Check out Simple K12. This is a great site for those who want to learn more about technology. Sign up for a free account and then you can register for webinars. During the webinar you can ask questions to the presenter, and listen to questions that educators from all over the world have. Most sessions are 30 minutes long. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and log into Simple K12 for an extra technology learning treat.

Summer Writing

Right after school let out I had the opportunity to teach three summer enrichment computer courses. Just today I received an email notification that one of my enrichment students commented on one of our published stories on Storybird. It made me so happy to see that even though the week long class is over, students are still logging into their accounts in the middle of the summer. Storybird is such a wonderful, motivating writing tool for kids.

Storybird is a collaborative writing site that helps reluctant writers find their place and flourishing writers expand their creativity. During the school year, it is rewarding to see that students log in after-school and on the weekend to publish stories, read newly published classroom library stories, and comment on their fellow author’s work.

A Storybird Summer on Storybird

Here are some tips to get your students motivated to keep writing over the summer:

1. Encourage them to invite you to write a story.

2. Create a mystery assignment every 2 weeks in the summer. (Be sure to inform your students before they leave for the summer so they know to check their accounts).

3. Send out a parent e-mail to remind them that students have the opportunity to use their accounts even if the school year is over.

4. Continue to comment on new stories to help motivate your writers.

5. Write your own stories to show your new class in the fall what you did over the summer. Your new students will be excited to listen to your summer stories.

Example of a summer Storybird optional assignment

Motivation from San Diego

Hello teachers and technology facilitators!

The purpose of this blog is to gather ideas for technology integration in the classroom to help my staff and other teachers in the world. It is my goal to help educators learn about helpful tools to save time and engage students. I have 7 years experience of teaching elementary students, and I also have a master’s degree in Instructional Technology. Feel free to ask me any questions or follow me on Twitter. I was motivated to start this blog after attending my first ISTE conference last week. Please bear with me as I get this blog up and running. 🙂


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